Easy Button

cat Not everything needs to be difficult and time-consuming to be good, especially when it comes to art.  Often times the more I work on a piece the worse it gets.  I can become myopic and overwork it to death and then it looks contrived and inauthentic.  I find the pieces that come to me the easiest and the quickest are often my most successful ones because I am not overthinking things. If I get my head out of the way and work from my intuition I find those piece to be my best.  So let yourself go! Have a little fun and Lighten Up!  Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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Sneak Peek

I am so excited! My three favorite things all rolled into one - watercolor, animals, and teaching My latest book No Excuses Watercolor Animals is now going to be offered as an accompanied online course! Here is a sneak peek of what's in store ... If you would like to be the first to hear when registration opens sign up here and I will put you on the Priorty List.    Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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Look for the Magic

It's time for you to make changes within yourself. Embrace your true potential and become who you really are.

If Raven comes to you:

If Raven has come visiting you it can mean any number of things. Most powerful of all is the synchronicity that Raven assures you is pending. He is a master of bending and folding time and space so that you are exactly in the right moment at the right time. As a messenger,  you are reminded that those around you are reflecting back at you the things you most have to learn about yourself. Know that when Raven appears that magic is imminent. Raven is about rebirth, recovery, renewal recycling and certainly reflection and healing. He signifies moving through transitions smoothly by casting light into the darkness.      Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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