Where do I begin? – eCourse, Book, Dvd’s

I know it can be confusing! ¬†The No Excuses Program contains many different components that all support each other. ¬†All elements are companion pieces and complement one another providing a richness to the No Excuses Program. ¬†Hopefully¬†the following will clear up some of the confusion ūüėČ   6a00d8341c438453ef019affdb61f3970c-800wi   The Book! The book contains step by steps of the basic No Excuses Program and has a set of monthly inserts. ¬†In addition it has a monthly resource guide with images, color palette, guest artist interview, resources, links, additional prompts and project ideas.   6a00d8341c438453ef016302cd65ff970d-500wi-200x133   The eCourse! This eCourse¬†consists of technique videos for each step of the basic program as well as additional ideas and projects that are not in the book. ¬†It also contains a different set of inserts from the book. ¬†Think of this as a video workshop with detailed step by step instructions that you can watch again and again.   u0533_500px_72dpi-140x200   The Drawing and Watercolor Dvd! This Dvd walks you through 3 different watercolor projects that are completely different from the eCourse¬†and Book. ¬†Blowing it up Big, Through the Jeweler's¬†Loupe,¬†and Off the Grid. ¬†It is for those who want to learn more about watercolor in a fun, fast and unintimidating¬†way.   u0534_500px_72dpi-140x200   Mixed Media Collage DVD! This Dvd walks you through 3 different mixed media projects that are completely different from the¬†eCourse¬†and Book. Inspiration Board, Travel Collage, and Poetry Collage. ¬†It combines watercolor, images, pen and more into 3 different and fun projects.   pcard-1-154x200   No More Excuses 2014 Edition! This is a full set of inserts for 2014 but can be used at anytime. ¬†In addition there is a monthly web page that offers an art history focus, links, and ideas for every month. This is for students who have already or are concurrently taking the eCourse¬†or have the book.Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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