Adding watercolor ground to your pages

IMG_4412   Watercolor ground can be quite useful in your No Excuses journal!  It is available through Daniel Smith and Amazon. Paper weight can vary greatly in the daily planners most are using for their No Excuses journals.  It can be frustrating to create something wonderful only to find that it has bled through to the next page or the paper has dissolved with the application of watercolor. Not all "grounds" are the same.  Explore the shelves at your local art store and you will see gesso, absorbent ground, textured ground, etc. IMG_4487   I tried using absorbent ground in last year's Barnes and Noble soft cover journal...not too bad but as the name implies..absorbent, lots of color spread and hard to control. IMG_4490   This is an example of watercolor ground applied in a Moleskin planner.  Sweet! IMG_4491   The paper in the Moleskin is quite thin and there is some wrinkling with the ground but if applied to the entire page that should go away. The really nice thing is if you want to block out an image in the planner watercolor ground does that easily. IMG_4489   No more lines, dates, images. IMG_4795   Watercolor ground applied in a thin layer.  Allow to dry completely or use your trusty blow dryer.  And paint away!  This covers a small corner image in my journal. A few words of caution...pens clog quite easily if used to draw over ground. Micron pens are the worst.   Use a graphite pencil!!Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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