Weekly Sprout #5

Weekly Sprout will be announced each Sunday. To get the most out of the Sprouts I encourage you to join and participate in the No Excuses Art Facebook Community where you can share your work and get feedback from other members and enter to win free goodies. This Week’s Sprout! Sketches with watercolor!   IMG_6746   Watch the video for instructions ~ IMG_6745 A word or two about using fountain pens for sketching ~ Click here to see some pens I recommend ~ * These pens already come with a piston convertor for filling with waterproof ink *Noodler's Sketch Pen 510o8B2OjlL._SL210_   *Noodler's Ahab Flex Pen 31m+E8KfbvL._SL210_ *Dilli Pen 41-E9FhW85L._SL210_ Rotring Art Pen you will need to buy the piston convertor for the Art Pen) 41aA+OvKNKL._SL210_-1 Rotring Piston converter 21QrTG1SQDL._SL210_ This is the waterproof ink I use in all of my pens ~ Noodler's Bullet Proof Black waterproof ink 41zt-Fg46DL._SL210_    
Most important to remember - cartridges ARE NOT WATERPROOF INK. You must use a piston convertor and fill the pen with WATERPROOF INK.
Filling a Pen ~
Unclogging a Pen~
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