Getting Unstuck Part 2

Moving right along in our getting unstuck series!


Let's take a look at the March monthly insert again.  This time let's focus on the word bank.

What to do with all of those prompts?

Find an image of "violets" (pinterest inspiration link, google images, magazines, or take your own)

paste down the image in a daily square or somewhere else in your journal

draw and paint the image above

trace the image


Find recipes and illustrate them

make a color chart based on the image bank

write the words in different styles around the edges of your journal

do a contour drawing and write a quote around the edges

Organic Kohlrabi

Violets Amethyst Blackberries Grapes Pansy Lilac Wisteria Lavender Hydrangea Hyacynth Chive blossoms Eggplant Plums Cabbage Kohlrabi Elderberries Black currants

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