Guest No Excuser – Shelly Rydell

Meet Michelle Rydell our guest No Excuser!

I love Shelly's work and the whimsical style filled with bright colors that don her pages! You know when you see a page of hers that it belongs to none other.  That's what I call letting your own unique voice shine through!


When I first discovered the No Excuses online workshop (back in August of 2011), I felt like I had

found a gold mine! At the time, I was just looking for something to put a little pizazz into my writing

journal. Well, it did that, and SO MUCH MORE! I fell in love with the fun and light-hearted daily,

weekly and monthly activities, like drawing the weather and assigning a color and word to each day.

Even the prep work was fun! I had a blast filling my book with all the tags and envelopes and stuff!

I was already doing a lot of mixed media art journaling, but I hadn’t picked up a pencil to draw since

college (many years ago!).

Rydell NEA Monthly 2015

No Excuses brought the fun back into drawing, by breaking it up into little

bits that were manageable and non-intimidating.

Rydell NEA Gray Week

I am someone who loves to experiment and I’m always changing up my journaling “system.” Ha. My

attention span seems to be about one month; and then I need to try something new. One thing that

remains constant for me is No Excuses; and I think that is because it is so flexible. Whenever I

change my system up, it’s fun to figure out how I will fit No Excuses in. Sometimes I follow all the

parts to the letter, and sometimes I tweak it to fit my needs at the time; but either way it always works!

Rydell NE Card Peeks 14

These pics are just some of the journals and formats I have used to bring the NE program into my

creative practice. My favorite part is the drawing and watercoloring. Not only has doing the weekly

card peeks and sprouts improved my drawing skills, they have made me WANT to draw again and

that is HUGE.

Rydell NEA Weekly 2015

I probably sound like a commercial, but every word comes from my heart. I can’t thank Gina enough

for coming up with a system that has enriched my creative practice, while allowing me to be true to

my own voice at the same time. Yeayyy for No Excuses!

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