I have a secret … I’m in Love!

  DSC_1055 It's all Daniel's fault that I fell in love! Daniel Smith that is .... Head over heels for watercolor! And I have never looked back 😉   Watercolor can be so daunting and scary that many people won't even give it a try.  It's like herding cats; it has a mind of its own.  When I started painting with these amazing colors and saw what they did all on their own - dividing into different colors, crackling, sparkling, and granulating  - I became intoxicated.  It opened up a whole new world of color for me and I was smitten.   Just playing with the paint led me to create a No Excuses approach to watercolor.  One that so many have found freeing and FUN!  Yes, FUN!  Often times when we think of watercolor we think precise, staunch, antiquated, stuffy and serious.  Au contraire my friends.  Watercolor is liberating and luscious when you allow it to do its thing.   People always ask me about my palette.  The gob smacking 85 well spinning wonder! You can find them HERE and tell Robert that I sent you 😉 So I thought I would share how I set mine up ....
  • collect all 85 paints or how ever many you have
  • lay them out by color family
DSC_1054 (3)
  • label well insert with sharpie with paint name along the top
  • place insert in well
  • pour paint to fill
  • let dry
Enjoy for years to come DSC_1058 You can find out tons more about paint and palettes in my No Excuses Watercolor Book on pages 14-21  Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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