Mindset is everything

  IMG_0623 Today was a lesson about MINDSET. It never fails me that my horses are a mirror for my life - always guided me and showing me what I need to learn.  Today was no different.  On a whim, my friend and I decided not to train but to take a leisurely trail ride and enjoy the beautiful blue skies and warm weather ... First, neither horse wanted to cross the water-filled creek - a thing they haven't seen in So Cal for some time now. But one of use got off and babied the 1400 lb beast and convinced him it was safe.  Second horse not wanting to be left behind felt it was safer to brave the waters than be left behind so raced through. Then we encountered noisy baby goats ... Treacherous roosters, chickens, and dogs ... Not to be outdone by the miniature donkeys  - they eat horses you know! But the best was the male peacock on the side of the trail who held his ground refusing to move and forcing us to walk beside him close enough to touch his tail feathers. An eventful ride to be sure but one filled with sunlight, laughter and above all a good time. Our hour ride turned into 2 but what a great way to spend the day. and then .... After untacking the horses I went to grab my phone and head out ... uh, no phone, anywhere. Well, if you are anything like me your cell phone is a big part of your life. Needless to say,  I stayed calm and being a nonreligious but  catholic raised girl from the seventies began to repeat the St. Anthony prayer st-anthony2a Dear St. Anthony  Please look around Something has been lost  and needs to be found My mother insists if you continue to say it out loud you will eventually find what you are looking for! No phone in the stall, tack room, barn, pasture, nor groom box. At one point in the ride, my horse trotting gaily up the hill without a care saw a gremlin unbeknownst to me and spun on a dime in the other direction.  The only thing I could think of was that my cell phone, which I had tucked under the pommel of the front of the saddle, had flown out. So flip flops and all I headed out for a butt burning hike to locate the blessed phone all the while reciting the prayer. NO LUCK At this point, I headed back to the barn reserved to the fact that I was headed to the store to spend my afternoon purchasing a new phone.  My friend said to me " I am so sorry about this, it's just awful this had to happen."  I replied with a heartfelt " This is a high-quality problem." "So true", she said.  "Let's try one last ditch effort and use "find my iphone"." Low and behold my phone was located somewhere in the barn. After turning things inside and out ... still reciting the prayer and finding nada ... I picked up my saddle from the rack and what fell out .... voila' Now,  this really isn't about saying a prayer and a saint coming to my rescue but about intention and mindset.  I could have ranted and raved and had a fit.  But instead, I stayed calm and focused on my task and didn't give up, resolved to the fact that indeed there would be a solution.  Maybe not the one I wanted, but a solution just the same. Yes, it was just a cell phone and a trail ride but for me it was a reflection of my life... There are hills, ups and downs, scary creatures, obstacles in the path, and lost things. The key is to keep my mind focused on moving forward on this path regardless and accepting what the road has to offer.Share: Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail
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