Mindset is everything

  Today was a lesson about MINDSET. It never fails me that my horses are a mirror for my life – always guided me and showing me what I need to learn. Today was no different. On a whim, my friend and I decided not to train but to take a leisurely trail ride and […]

Just because I can’t dance like Beyonce’

  You never hear people say that just because you can’t dance like Beyonce’ you shouldn’t dance or because you can’t sing like her you shouldn’t sing along to her songs. Yesterday I had the chance to hang out with some ladies who know how to express themselves. We danced and sang with abandon […]

Express Yourself!

  This quote really hits home for me. To be creative we must express ourselves and have the courage not to care what others think. It is easy to say that we don’t care but the truth for me is that we all do on some level. As human beings, we want to be […]