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  • Creativity in Flight

    by Gina Rossi Armfield 28 Lessons in $97 $49

    This course is for anyone who loves the freedom of flight! Learn to draw, use pen and ink and watercolor to capture the essence of creatures with wings. Continue reading […]

  • Back to Basics

    by Gina Rossi Armfield 16 Lessons in $97 $49

        This class will cover it all from start to finish. Not sure what products are for you? I will explain them. Don’t understand Composition where to put what? What colors complement each other? I will teach you. Think you can’t draw and don’t even know where to begin? I will assure you […]

  • The Botanical Journal

    by Gina Rossi Armfield 19 Lessons in $97 $49

      If you love plants and the wonders of nature then this workshop is for you. Using the influences of vintage botanical prints we will create a journal dedicated to the world of Botany in all its forms. This is a mixed media course where we will explore pen and ink, marker, watercolor, collage, […]