Animal Spirit Guides

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Here are several resources guides about Native American Animal Guides that you will find helpful for this course. Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer   other good reference books […]


Art Materials Art Journal or sheets of water color paper caran d’ache neo color II micron or pitt pens colored pencils heavy bodied acrylics brushes craft paints glue stick […]

Animal Totem

I would like for you to take some time before the class begins to think about your “animals”. I do not mean the ones that you actually own but […]

Getting Prepared

This week is about getting prepared, collecting all of our stuff and getting comfortable. The first thing we need to do is to print out our images ( I […]

Working with Photos

Now that you have collected and printed out your images and finished your background pages we can start laying down our photos. Photo Placement – Now we are going…

Drawing Into Images

  Week Two is all about drawing into and out of images. Melding our photos into our backgrounds to create a piece as a whole.       Here […]

Caran D’ache

  In this video I will show you how to use one of my all time favorite mediums ~   CARAN D’ACHE NEO COLOR II to work into your images.…


We are going to start adding details and color to our sketch using our caran d’ache neo color II s.

Sketching Animals

  In week three we will be sketching our animals using a variety of different mediums. Our first lesson will be laying down a sketch to get started. And […]

Drawing Out of Photos

  We are going to be working OUT of our photos in this lesson. The goal here is to meld the background with the image so that it makes […]