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Exploring Materials

    We all go gah gah over new materials – STUFF! ART STUFF!! We just love it! However, we often lay down lots of moola for materials that […]


Many people have a natural eye for composition and intuitively do it with ease. However, most of us need to hone our skills and eventually if we do it […]

BTB Assignment #1

what you will need: Printed image 5×7 watercolor paper 5×7 watercolor paint adhesive watercolor or colored pencils         Using the images below create a collage changing […]


Leonardo Da Vinci was a master draftsman and his drawings seem to come alive. They have personality and life and do not look like a photograph but capture the essence […]

Gesture Drawing

In my work I primarily use the pencil and pen sketch as well as contour drawings. The following video lesson will cover blind contour, contour, sketching and layout.    …

Drawing Assignment

Assignment: Do at least ~ 1 blind contour drawing 1 contour drawing 1 pencil sketch 1 pen sketch 1 combination sketch   You kind find reference images HERE    


  This week we are going to be exploring Watercolors and Acrylic Paints. We will use your pen and ink drawings as the basis of our painting exercises. Please […]

Mixed Media Collage

Mixed Media is using a combination of different art materials such as paint, paper, pen, pencils, and pastels all within one piece. A Collage is taking different images and […]

Mixed Media Collage Part 2

  Lesson: Mixed Media Collage #2 Resources for poems and quotes: Below you will find some of my favorite poetry books. For quotes I use the following sites: […]