Creativity in Flight

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This course is for anyone who loves the freedom of flight! Learn to draw, use pen and ink and watercolor to capture the essence of creatures with wings.



    I love watercolors! They have a mind of their own, do what they want to but can be coaxed into complying. It is sort of like herding […]


  Materials When it comes to watercolors not all materials are created equal ~ quality goods really make the difference in your results. That being said you should use […]

Collecting Images

I am not someone who can draw from memory. I need to see something in front of me. So I collect a lot of reference images. Obviously, taking your […]

Creating a Paint Palette

          If you choose to use tube watercolors you are going to want to set up a paint palette.       I suggest that […]

Color Exercise

  Creating a Color Chart           You will need: round watercolor brush waterproof ink pen metal ruler watercolor paper your paint palette

Sketching with Pencil

  You will need:   pencil image paper   ASSIGNMENT:   Sketch several images using pencil only.     See video for instruction:

Filling A Pen with Ink

  If you have a nib pen such as the Rotring Art Pen or the like you will need to get a piston converter so that you can fill it…

Contour Drawing with Pen

    You will need:   waterproof ink pen image paper   ASSIGNMENT:   Do a contour drawing of several images using pen only.     video password: cif  …

Pen Drawing with Cross Hatching

    You will need:   waterproof pen image paper     ASSIGNMENT:   Add hatching and details to one of your contour drawings using pen only.     video…

Pen and Ink Drawing Exercises

The Following Images are for you to draw using the techniques you just learned.   You can start with a pencil sketch but then the final drawing should be […]

Background Washes

Background Washes are a good way to get started. You can either do a wash overtop of your drawing or prior to drawing. In this way you will not […]

Bloom Background

  This is another way to make a background with some character. It is a wet on wet technique that I call a bloom background wash.   You will need:…

Layering Basics

  There are two types of layering in watercolor:   Dry and Wet on Wet.   The following video will explain both.   You will need: Watercolor paper paints […]

Putting it together – Part 1

  The following Videos will take you through the process from start to finish.   You should select a drawing that is in pen and ink with some cross […]

Going small to large – part 1

In this lesson I will show you how to go from a small image to a larger painting. Part 1 – Layout, sketch, light layers

Working really big

In this lesson I will demonstrate the groundwork and planning for doing a large piece. Note: I will not show all the painting as it is a large piece […]