No More Excuses Journaling Series

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Now is the time for No More Excuses! Make time for creativity in a fast and fun way! This course is based on Gina's book and dvds from North Light Publishing - No Excuses Art Journaling ~ Marking Time for Creativity


Welcome NME

I am so glad that you decided to join me on this journey! We will be preparing our journals so that when you turn the pages throughout the year […]

Reference Books

Here are few books that I use as reference for myself to get me going and to stay commited to my art journaling.   Creative License by Danny Gregory […]

Exploring Materials Part 1

Exploring Materials – videos The following is a set of videos where I explore and explain the various materials that I use …  

Let’s get started …

Getting Started …   We first need to prepare our desk calendars so that they will become art journals. So for this lesson I will describe the materials you […]

Get with the Program!

Here is the meat of our program – our textbook if you will. * You will need to have either 5 watercolor pages (side counts as a page) […]

Get with the Program – Part 2

Now that you have printed out all of your journal sheets we are ready to insert them in our journals.   You will need: Metal ruler 13 project sheets tape/or…

Daily Tasks

    For this lesson you will need your micron pen, watercolors, and colored pencils.  

Tear it Up!

Grab those old and um new magazines – you know you have a ton! and a METAL RULER but of course 😉    

Writing Assignment

Rewrite the following poem or quotes on one of your pages using a 1. In all lower case 2. In all upper case 3. Switch color every stanza 4. […]

Card Peeks

    You will need: Magazine images old gift card micron pen watercolors  

Keep Going!

I hope you have enjoyed the workshop and will continue with the methods you have put into place. The last thing to do is to put LABEL or notes on…

A Little Something More – Materials

The following lessons are an extension of the original basic program – a little twist if you will to add something more …   Here are some of the […]

Snap Away

We are going to be using photos in our journals! So start snapping away! I usually just carry my camera around or use my iphone which is great […]

Snap 2

Grab your photo sheets, a metal ruler, and your fun tapes!

New Mediums

We are expanding out resources! I will be using 3 differnet mediums for the next set of NME excercises   watercolor pencils   colored pencils   markers


For this next lesson you will need: metal ruler micron pen markers colored pencils watercolor pencils    


Patterns are all around us! They inspire us and add depth to our lives visually.   I love these pattern sourcebooks – they are so great as references.     […]

Watercolor Cards

    You will need: watercolor cards (4×6) or atc watercolors micron pen tape  

Variation Materials

In addition to your previous called for NME materials you will need:     Washi Tape Washi Tape or Japanese paper tape comes in a variety of colors and […]

Travel Books

You will need: awl needle waxed linen pencil paper bone folder

Color Paper

You will need: inks templates/stencils baby wipes paper    

Carve it Up!

You will need: carving handle #1, #3 carving blade speedy cut block exacto metal ruler ball point pen 2b pencil h pencil staz on ink pad scratch paper Number Sheet

Numbers and Days

Carving Numbers and Days of the Week   Directions for Number Sheet: in your word processing program type the digits 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 print…

Washi Pages

Washi Pages   Cover Inner Cover Weekly Pull Out Page Stamped Pull Out Daily Stamps in Calendar Pull Out Page in Calendar Mini Collage Written Journaling Pull Out Page […]