No Excuses Watercolor

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Lesson 1 – Materials

Materials When it comes to watercolors the right materials are essential for success. That does not mean that you have to run out and buy everything that I suggest. […]

Lesson 2 The Basics

Let’s get started with some basic techniques that will get you on your way! The Basics           Using Salt for texture         […]

Lesson 3 ~Play Exercise

Play Exercise This is a fun exercise to get your feet wet, play with your paints, and get used to how watercolor feels.   HOMEWORK: Do the play exercise on…

Lesson 4- Techniques

This week we are going to start with some simple techniques that are really the basis for all future watercolor work. Once you know these you will start to […]

Lesson 5 ~ Let it Bleed

Let it Bleed   Homework: Create a bleed chart and label it. Then place a star beside the combinations that you like best! Advanced Homework: Create a painting of…

Lesson 7 – Let’s get Drawing!

This week’s lessons are all about drawing and if you think you cannot even draw a stick figure or think you can draw like a da Vinci it is […]

Lesson 8 ~ a little bit more

Blind Contour   Contour Combo   Homework: Practice and do at least 1 of each style on the subject of your choice – start […]

Lesson 9 – Tomatoes 3 ways

This week we are going to add watercolor to our previous tomato sketches in three different ways. I like having different twists on my approach to apply to a […]

Lesson 10 ~ One on One coaching

I am super excited about this lesson and I hope that you will be too! One of the things I miss about “Live” class is the personal interaction and […]