The Daily Sketchbook

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Materials – DSKB

You will need: a watercolor notebook watercolors waterproof INK fine pen washi tape round watercolor brushes (I suggest a 4,6,8 round and a 1/2 cat’s tongue) If I was […]

Journal Prompts to Get You Going!

  Places to find cool images: Pinterest Google Images   Below you will find images and journal prompts to go with them: The images below are for your personal […]

Mix it Up!

Now it is time to grab your ephemera, stickers, and stamps and PLAY!


  Grab your washi tape!!!  

Date It!

Grab your pens, stamps, and ink pad!

Pen Details

Now that you have finished your watercolor and have let the piece dry grab your micron or sketch pen and lets add some details     You will need:  …


Sketch anything and everything you see!

H2O Color

  For this lesson you will need: watercolor paints brushes water Journal photo  

Let’s Get this Party Started!

So some if you are very intimadated to DRAW and my hope is that I will be able to change that! First, let me tell you a SECRET about […]