Faqs / What planner do you suggest?

We recommend only a few planners right now. And some are becoming hard to find so we continue to look for others:
  1. Desk Diary by Barnes and Noble - http://bit.ly/1p88T4k
  2. The Country Diary by (which is possible discontinued we are checking)
  3. ARC System™ by Staples -  http://bit.ly/1de5L7h (the link will take you to our bit.ly account where we list the nessesary pieces) Here is a article and video Gina wrote about it http://noexcusesart.com/blog/2014/01/i-found-a-new-planner/ We have developed a printable calendar for use with the ARC system. You can find it here: ARC Printable Planner

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